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     Actually, the sports are not at luxury because they are essential to maintain a good physical and mental quality of live.

     The sport injuries must be diagnosed and treated quickly both in amateur and professional sportsman.

     Our center has a great experience in the orthopedic diagnosis and treatment of sharp and chronic sport injury and we collaborate with orthopedic surgeons when a surgical treatment is needed.

     Our services:

     - Diagnosis and treatment of sport injuries
     - Medical examinations for fitness for sport
     - Medical examinations for scuba diving
     - Prevention of sport injuries
     - Dietary guidance and training in sport
     - Reporting of sports equipment
     - Physiotherapy and medical coverage for sporting events
     - Sport emergencies localized

Medicine and Kitesurf and Windsurf Traumatology

Accidents at Work

Body Damage and Medical Judicial Assessment

Traffic Accidents

General Medicine

X-Rays / Muscoloskeletal Ultrasound



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